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how can i make a dummy fire extinguisher?

I have to complete my aviation assignment n for that i have to make a dummy fire extinguisher. Could anyone tell me how to make it?


You're in the UK, right?
ive never seen a gree hunting vest
The above answer has some good suggestions, to which I would like to add that it will be easier to keep the light off of the background if you put your subject at least 3 feet (pref. 4) away from the backdrop. Expose for the midtones of the face - find zone 5 and set your exposure to that. I would be more comfortable with the backdrop being at least 4 stops darker and the highlights plus 2. So, if midtone is ?8, then the shadow is ?2 and the highlight is ?16. Digital is limited in the range of light it can record in one frame, so you should be good.
i would have to say I've never seen a hunting vest in that color. You might have to try a safety clothing supplier

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