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How can I make an apple bong?

Good evening! I want to make an apple bong, because I heard it's really sweet tasting!! I know there's water in an appleI need to test it out, because I want them to be on all the tables at a bar I am opening up sometime in November called quot;Apple.quot;


Yes, it is constipationYou can: - DRINK LOTS OF WATER - DRINK LOTS OF LEMON WATER - Eat more fruits and veg - Or take this product called FIbre Plus that I am takingI used to suffer from constipation as well and since I took FIbre Plushave not been constipated ever since! Even when I was pregnant! ;)
Sounds like constipationHow about eating lots of fruits and vegetables? If you do not clear your bowels still, it is best to visit a doctor and get some mild laxative.
Yes it does sound like constipationAt the drugstore there is a tablet called Fiber ChoiceIt is a large tablet that you chew which is 100% fiberIt will soften the stool and allow you to have a bowel movementThey don't taste bad and they worked wonders when I had that problem.
Best Constipation Cures
take an apple and core out the apple from the top without puncturing the bottom of the applepunch a pen shell through the side so it connects to the inside chamber to serve as your mouthpieceput a little bowl of aluminum foil in the top hole and punch a few tiny holes in it for the smoke to come throughput ur weed in the foil bowl and spark uphave fun :)

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