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How can I tell if a motor runs off of A/C or D/C?

I have a small electric motor from a household appliance and am not sure if I can use it in a particular project that I'm working on. The info sticker doesn't list a/c or d/c but it does say:Amps 3.6H.P. 1/6Volts 120HZ 60RPM 3450It's an FSP motor with a part number of 3372625Thanks


4 good answers. in addition, it's an induction motor. it has no brushes. if it were an AC motor, it would have brushes. the RPM is another clue. induction motors run a bit under factors of 3600 (60*60) if you have 3450, your motor is trying to run at 3600 but to get the induction part working, it's a bit slower. you'll also see 1700 or 1725, just under 1800. and 1125, just under 1200. and sometimes, 825, just under 900. (and rarely 525 or 550, just under 600.) whenever you see any of these speeds, you know it's an induction, or brush-less, motor. they last longer, and have virtually no wear.
AC the 60 Hz indicates that. .
It's AC. HZ is a dead giveaway. Runs from standard N. America mains power
It is an AC motor. The HZ mean hertz which is the frequency of the AC, in North America it is 60.
Where 60Hz is de frequency of the AC voltage.

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