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how can you find the equilibrium temperature?

A bar of aluminum (bar A) is in thermal contact with a bar of copper (bar B) of the same length and area. One end of the compound bar is maintained at Th 83.0°C while the opposite end is at 30.0°C. Find the temperature at the junction when the energy flow reaches a steady state.


Since area and length are the same, they divide out of the equations for the energy transfer of the two bars when they are set equal. The equilibrium temperature falls somewhere between the two given temperatures, so: k[T(h) - T(c)](Al) k[T(h) - T(c)](Cu) 238J/s?m?°C[83.0°C - T] 397J/s?m?°C[T - 30.0°C] 19,754J/s?m - (238J/s?m?°C)T (397J/s?m?°C)T - 11,910J/s?m (635J/s?m?°C)T 31,664J/s?m T 49.9°C Hope this helps.

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