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How do carbon monoxide alarms work?

Cant really go into more detail on this im afraid. Im just really stumped and have been thinking about this all day.


I don't think that there is a car out there that can not go over speed bumps , if they could not go over the speed bumps the car would not be allowed to pass inspection to be able to sell , unless it was a race car so you should be fine !
your gas oven will produce carbon monoxide whether it's open or closed (where does the Co go during normal use?) as a child I often stood in front of the open gas oven with my mother and sister because we had no heating other than the coal fire and sometimes had no coal. Use the oven to warm you occasionally, but get a Co alarm if you're concerned about Co buildup. I don't use heating at all, I prefer to heat myself as it's cheaper than heating a whole flat. I wear a few layers of clothes and sometimes I place a tee light candle inside a piece of 3 x 3 steel trunking and place my feet on it, it's toasty. :) it's 44 degrees farenheit in here at the moment and I'm very cosy.
I love it! It goes on so nicely without clumping and it's the only mascara I can put on my bottom lashes that doesn't get all over the place. The only downside to it is that I used it up really quickly. It's a little dry.

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