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How do I cook asparagus?

I've recently purchased Asparagus from CostcoI've never really cooked anything at all, but I know the basicsFrom the kitchen utensils and tools I have are a skillet, cookie sheet, baking dish, pot, and a rice cookerHow do I cook Asparagus while retaining the majority of nutrients? Is it possible to eat it just raw without cooking?


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Wax paper? Ive never used it for pasta but i use wax paper instead of foil for cookies EDIT: I thought wax paper and parchment paper were the same thing? Haha.I hope my dad has been buying parchment paper then cause i've always used it in the oven
Why do you need foil?, why not just stick it all in the dish? You could use parchment paper/baking paper.
The ways to retain most nutrients would be to steam or microwave (steaming is actually what's happening in a microwave if the container is closed or covered), though roasting can preserve most too and is tastyTo microwave, just rinse well and snap off the end of each spear where it wants to break when bent or just cut all the stem-ends off at one time about 1/3 of the way from the endsLay the spears in a microwave-safe container like your baking dish or just on a plate (more than one deep is okay), cover at least loosely with waxed paper/deli wrap, plastic wrap if you want, or an upturned plate Then microwave on high till no longer crunchy.might be about 3 minutes for enough asparagus to feed 2-3 well but depends on the individual microwave too| (No need to add additional moisture since there's plenty of moisture already in most foods.) If you want to roast the asparagus, preheat oven to 400-450, and lay the trimmed spears on a plate, or sheet of aluminum foil, or in the baking dish one row deep if possibleFirst rub some olive oil or other oil on them though, then sprinkle with saltRoast uncovered in a regular oven in center of oven till begin to turn brown, or on the top shelf where they'll cook/brown much more quickly so watch outYou can get a similar effect by cooking the spears in a skillet (with oil) and salt laterThe higher heat will result in a little vitamin lossThe least healthy way would be to boil (especially very long, and also not consume the boil water) or to fry or deep fryif you don't go above about 400 F, and use the middle of the oven.otherwise some glass or ceramic baking dishes can't take that much heat Most people don't eat asparagus raw, but think it's safeSupposedly it's being discovered that asparagus is an extremely healthy food As for the urine smell, turns out many people have a gene that results in asparagus having a kind of acidic wine smell when it exits the body, but won't last long -similar to artichokes.

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