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How do I find someone to auction electrical engineering equipment?

I have a garage full of my dad's old equipment from oscilloscopes, amplifiers, circuit board materials, etc. that I don't know what they are/or are worth, or how to go about selling. Does anyone have any suggestions other than listing everything individually (there is a lot) on OKorder or CraigsList? I'm leaning towards hiring someone to come in and auction it all off for me, but need suggestions.Thanks!


You might be able to list on OKorder (or CraigsList) as a LOT. Sell all for a set price, with pictures and text til you get tired of doing it. I expect you would not get so much money, but it might be easier. Since the stuff is related, some single bidder might be interested in several of the pieces. You might also offer something like winning bid gets pick of any seven single items or some such intermediate solution. You might also find a Radio Amatuer or Ham. They have 'hamfests' where they sell and trade such things.
There is a good chance that if it is old equipment, it won't be worth much. There is also a chance that some of the old amplifiers and circuit board materials contain hazardous material or chemicals that need to be disposed of properly. A first step would be to take the parts numbers off the equipment and enter them into google. There is a good chance that the stuff you have is not going to be worth anything, if there are pieces that are worth much you could sell those, and then ship the worthless stuff off to a electronics recyclers.
Perhaps contacting the nearest community college electronics instructor or amateur radio club president will yield some knowledgeable individual.
Perhaps try an OKorder seller, or let a friend or relative put it on OKorder. It is quite a bit of work to sell on OKorder properly, but if you give then half the proceeds, you both might win! Another approach is to bring it to a large city electronics swap - all kinfds of electronics geeks come to these and you will gets lots of advice on value.

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