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How do i fix this cracked PVC pipe?

In my basement we have PVC plumbing. There's a downspout that goes to the main waste line that was broken. I've got it rigged together with duct tape and it only leaks a little. Also, it's just sink and dishwasher water, so it's not sewage. But i need to fix it, so how do i go about doing that. Is there some kind of patchwork kit or do i need to saw off the broken piece and get connecters and all that?


The polyester/polyester resin requires a hardener for it to set/cure into a solid item. When you bought the resin, you should have been supplied with a very small amount of the hardener with instructions on how much to put in. Never put in more hardener than the recommended amount or the item will overheat any may curl up and crack
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