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How do I get grout mastic off the top of tiles?

There is a white ceramic tile floor with white grout in my bathroom. Some of the mastic (I think it was a combination mastic and grout, that could be used either way) is on top of the tile and dried on. Is there any way I can get it off there other than trying to chip at it and possibly ruin the tile?


there are some all pourpose tile cleaners that cater to these type of problems, some have acidic contents and cannot be used on marble tiles however. it is important that you know the tile and check the lables of any proguct u purchase or use to c if it is compatible. for tips on removing stains and gout see the source link
Try doing a small area with a product normally used in the kitchen for scrubbing pans, it's called Barkeepers Friend, I've used it a few times in different applications and was quite happy with the results, still I don't know for sure about your situation so 'no promises'. Good luck
You need to clean off all the mastic from the wall and the soap dish and use thinset. The mastic will not dry in the shower. After you get it back on avoid getting it wet for a couple days.
Your tile has a glazed finish on the top side and while grout/mastic sticks to it to some degree, it doesn't really adhere very well. You should be able to use a rigid scraper to remove it and any fine residue will come off with a green scratch pad, all without doing any damage to the tiles.

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