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how do i keep fried foods crispy?

ok so tomorrow im making boudin balls for my friends, there fried pork meat and liver that was ground up dipped in an egg wash and coated in flourwell i have to wake up early to cook them but they sit in my locker at school for almost four hours before we can eat them so how can i keep them warm and crispy at least crispyso far ive tried paper towels but they werent really crispy also aluminum foil which was the same result stayed crispy for almost two hours then they softenedso please help meBTW im from louisiana so boudin balls will most likely sound weird to most of you


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Love boudin balls! (wanna try somethin totally off the wall but really tasty?.sneak a couple drops of Herbsaint into your egg wash.mmm) Gonna be hard to keep them crispy, but try this trick, after you bread them with the egg wash and crumbs, put them in the fridge on a baking sheet for 1/2 hour before fryingThat will set the crumbs tight and give you a crispier finishAlso, you can twice fry them, go for a very light golden, drain well, then fry golden brown a second timeAs the other poster suggested, let them boudin breathe!!!! Keeping an airflow around them will help.though Louisiana humidity isn't going to help Another tasty trick is using Brioche crumbs (with a sprinkle of Herbsaint)
yes! I use clearasil ultra rapid action 4 hour treatment cream s like a charm :)

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