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How do I make a young girls' room (11) look girly and get it organized?

She has TOO much stuff!She needs to be able to store LOTS of clothesschool, quiz bowl, basketball cheer, and family info materialsguinea pigSHOESjewelry boxes (3) computertvps2 gamecube Nintendo DS N64makeupguinea pig food treatshair thingsdolls (expensive Porcelain) Porcelain (7) expensive others (9)stereostuffed animalsdollhouses (under bed is a must!!!!!!!!!!!)knickknacksdigitals ( camera, phone, games, webcam, txt messenger, etc.)blankets sheetscentimentalscd'scollectablesjewleryThis all needs to fit in a 8' x 16' room with a 3-4' wide door on the 8' sideFurniture: bed (DUH! lol)deskcloset (not built in to room)guinea pig cage table it's sitting onstorage bench shelf (sits on floor not very tall)shelves on wall x2 smallvanitydressershelf built in wall mirror ( on dresser )laundry hamper toat for clean clothes storagePLEASE HELP ME HELP HER ORGANIZE HER ROOM AND MAKE IT LOOK GIRLY!!!!!!!btw. the walls are pink and the floor is dark green (ew)


i , and there are even toys for beginnerssometimes you need to fantisize to get in the mood, other times notmake sure that when you do it, there will be no interruptions and just experiment until you become comfortablethere are also water proof toys that you can use in the bathtub or shower, where you might have more privacyif you dont want to use a toy, then just rub/massage your area with your fingersyou'll know when you hit your sweet spot. your body is a beautiful thing and you will learn to appreciate it more once you have become in touch with itif you still need some help, there are some wonderful books available, such as the clitoral truth supersex and things like thatthere are also two shows that come on the oxygen network called talk sex with sue and the sunday night sex show. it's this little old lady who is a sexpert and it is really quite interestingyou should check it outgood luck! )
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