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How do I prevent a flashback from blowing up my HHO generator?

I built my own, verry successfull HHO gas generator and I want to inject the gas being produced, strait into my car engine but the flame keeps going back into my hose, i have going strait into the air intake carb, and blowing up my generator! I built a little flashback arrestor with gas piping filled with aquarium airstones and that obviously didn't work. Where can i buy a professional industrial flashback arrestor so I don't have to make my own?


If you use the term 'HHO', you sound like an idiot. There's no such chemical. There's H2, there's O2, and there's H2O. Electrolysis of H2O (aka water) produces H2 (hydrogen) and O2 (oxygen) gas. Burning H2 (reacting it with O2) produces H2O. Nowhere in this process is anything called 'HHO' produced. But the bigger isue is why you'd even want to put hydrogen gas into your car engine. It is designed to burn gasoline (or diesel), not hydrogen. Putting hydrogen into a gasoline engine is like a human eating a rock. Sure, it's possible, but it doesn't give you any benefits, and it could cause serious problems.
Sorry you can't!

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