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how do i replace insect excluder mesh on an aluminum door.?

i have an aluminum frame sliding door. it is similar to a window frame in construction, but instead of glass it has mesh which i need to replace. the mesh is 'sandwiched' in the frame, so i think i need to disassemble the frame but cannot figure out how.


No-one else is answering, and while I don't live in CA in all jurisdictions I know of each road is the responsibility of some particular level of government (or private and therefore none). For example, Interstates are federal, state roads are state and local roads are counties or cities. Since residential streets are a municipal responsibility (unless they are private roads .. in which case speed bumps would be a non-government decision) the only government that could approve them would be the local municipality. The specific agency installing them would be the local roads department (but the decision to have them would almost certainly require town/city council approval). Note that it's quite possible residential streets are private if they serve a gated community or the like.
It explains that the energy of an object is proportional to its mass, it also means that matter and energy are interchangeable. Hence the atomic bomb which turns a small amount of uranium into a lot of energy. You know the mass of a proton and neutron and everything in an object is made of atoms containing these. If you took that object and split the nuclei of every atom you would release energy E for the mass of the object M and the constant for this equation is C^2 which is (2*10^8m/s)^2. Basically the formula says that you can turn matter into energy and energy into matter. However you will learn later on that this isn't the full equation and infact velocity also has its part to play. As mass is dependant upon velocity. At that point it all gets very hard to explain so i won't.

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