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How do I transfer files from one computer to another? < U disk >

There is no U disk, want to put a large file 5G more, put on another computer, what can I do? If so, please check it in detail. Thank you, brother, please.


You can use the network transmission, which is shared; if there is no network, the fastest way is to drive down, hanging on the other computer system.
If the two computer on the same network, after you can use feibook software for file transfer. If two computers are not in a local area network, but they can access the Internet, you can go to the Internet to find the relevant file transfer software. Added: if two machines access the Internet through the same router. Well, do it this way. Click on the online neighbor on the desktop, check the network connection inside the point, and then right-click the local connection, select the property of the Internet Protocol (Tcp/Ip) in the properties of this point. Which set IP, with automatic acquisition or manual change, IP is set to (another machine set as long as the last one is not the same and not set the subnet mask set to the default gateway is set to, DNS can not set. After the two machine according to feibook software. Run feibook. Then you can look at the instructions on the software and send the files. (you can see readme see the installation instructions feibook, two) if the machine does not have the Internet, and have the card. Then connect the network interface of two computers using a network cable. Then right-click the file you want to pass, and there is a selectivity on it. After you order it, follow the instructions.
WiFi: wireless network XP is called online neighbor, WindowsVista, 7,8 is called network home group. Just put the shared files on itBluetooth: no computer, no BluetoothUSB+windows easy transfer: with almost uSkyDrive: QQ: not recommended. It's too slow. 1MB takes about 5 minutesCD: and u like
Are the two computers close to each other? In close proximity, connect the two computers together with a cable!Connect two computers with a cable! Set the IP and net guan~ of the same IP segment!
If you want to speed up, it is to remove the hard disk, directly copied to another computer, but this disassembly is a bit more trouble.If you are not in a hurry, the next feibook slowly pass it, ha ha. (premise is to have network Oh!)

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