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How do u use aluminum foil as a bong?

My fiancee is a weed addict and I found a square of foil missingJust a small piece maybe 2 ins.


You poke tiny holes in it and use it as a filteryou take anything that can be used as a pipe, for instance an appleyou create three holes on the apple two on the sides one on top, you make sure they all meet in the middle, you put aluminum foil piece on top and, put weed on the foil, hold one finger on one hole, put mouth over other holelight weed, inhale, release fingerIf you have a pen handy you can turn a water bottle into a bong, if you don't you can turn it into a pipe, if you have a sheet of aluminum foil, you can just roll it into an aluminum pipe, if you have a can of soda, all you need to do is indent it and poke a few holes and you have a pipe, and there are thousands of other optionsPoint is, you can't stop someone from being able to smoke weed.

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