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How do you find the thickness of aluminum?

I have spent an hour trying to figure it out,but I still have no answer.Please help!D M/V Density of aluminum 2.70 g/cm3V m/dV 1.05 g / 2.70 g/cm3V 0.38 cm3Width of the foil 11.40 cmLength of the foil 14.90 cmVolume Length x Width x Thickness0.38 cm3 14.90 cm x 11.40 cm x thickness0.38 cm3 169.86 cm x thicknessNow what?Is that what I'm supposed to do?Please help me get the answer!


You are at the answer , just one more step, a little algebra 0.39 cm^3 169.86 cm^2 x thickness 0.39 cm^3 / 169.86 cm^2 169.86 cm^2 x thickness / 169.86 cm^2 0.002289 cm thickness Might want to check your rounding on the volume calc, its actually 0.3888888 which would round to 0.39 if you just want to 100 th placeI just carried all the digits in my calc and showed the answer, you can round it as you like

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