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How do you get rid of a woodpecker?

He's knocking away on my shingles????


Two thingsOne install a vent that you can open and close at he highest point of the ceiling or wallTwo, seal off the downstairs access to you roomMost of the heat up there will be coming (rising) from downstairs.
Your local home center will have attic fans with instructions for installationYou may need to hire someone to install if you're not to handy.
If you have windows on EACH end, get a window fan blowing OUT one window (seal all openings around the fan) and pulling air in the other window, to create a cross draft.
Get a window AC for the Attic they are not so expensive, now you can get them for less than $ 100.00 and you will have a livable area through the summer, to enjoyFind out what your living area space is in square feet, and then go out to purchase one AC that will cool it sufficientlyKeep coolAnd enjoy life in the Attic
InstructionsDifficulty: Easy Things You’ll Need: Squirt Gun Aluminum Foil or Pie Pans Reflective Tape Plastic Netting or metal mesh Staple Gun or hammer nails Colorful Kite Step1 place strips of reflective tape or aluminum foil on the guttering Step2 scare the woodpeckers by hanging a colorful wind sock, 'scare eye’ balloon, or aluminum pie pans near the area they are drilling Step3 purchase a model owl or hawk and place near the area of concern Step4 hang plastic, metal or nylon mesh sheets over the drilling area

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