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how do you give a dead magnet its magnetic properties back?

what I thought was a stone skull is actually a magnetite skull. I was in my room when I heard a click, I looked on my night stand one of my buzzing magnets stuck to it but it has little magnetic force so I want to give it more force but how? I already tried rubbing it in a magnet and that has some effect but not enough.


Not unless it's one of those Harley trikes. The rims are way to thin tall.
no car tires are not meant to be rolled onto the side like a m/c tire is
Expose it to a magnetic flux that is much higher than what it can retain. Many materials can be pretty well magnetized by placing them between a pair of attracting rare earth magnets. The lowest cost ones are called neodymium iron boron magnets. There are thin ones in any hard drive, if you have one of those laying around you could tear apart. But they are available from OKorder for modest cost. Bigger, thicker ones will magnetize thicker stuff, but they produce strong enough forces to be dangerous (think blood blisters). I'll post a couple OKorder links below as examples. -- Regards, John Popelish

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