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How do you remove a T section from underground backyard sprinkler pipes?

In my back yard I have the plastic underground sprinkler pipes and one of the sprinkler heads broke off in the T connector. So I need to replace the T connector BUT I can't seem to remove it. Is there some type of special glue that is holding it in place?


No, Most big buildings with a tall metal thing sticking out the top get struck by lightning.
No, it means that lightning will strike at high points and if the builders of the structure need to have a lightning rod installed to prevent that from happening again.
whilst my husband and that i observed the burning photos we burst out guffawing. before everything, it extremely is a extensive Jesus making the touch down sign. Comedy throughout that. Then it gets struck by potential of lightning! you may't make those products up! If i replaced right into a Christian in that section i could come across a sparkling church for rattling specific. Who desires to adhere around for the subsequent fireplace and brimstone? perhaps the lightning replaced into basically a caution shot!
I was at a pretty big barrel race (250+ girls) and one of the ladys we know was making a good run and was going around the third and then all hell breaks loose. People are screaming and telling her to pull her horse up. Her horse snapped his right hind leg. She had a back boot on which was holding the leg there. There was 2 vets there 1 was there for the vet the other was running barrels there. The lady vet was the one holding the leg. Man Kudos to her I wouldnt have been able to do that. So they get some kind of wrap and just wrapped the leg to somewhat stabilize it. The lady that owned the horse was in shock and had to leave the arena. I personally would have stayed there with my horses but I realize that it was a HUGE shock to her cause that was her really good horse. And I dont want to EVER go through that. But it was a freak deal. Cause he didnt stumble, or trip or anything to cause it. So I think he may have just stepped wrong going around the third and it snapped. But it was a VERY sad deal cause he was such a sweet horse. And I was right there and seen the whole thing happen. Another time we were at a WBR race in texas and this girl was running her horse home and came down the alley and her horse seen maybe a 2 inch gap in the side gate where they let you in and ran right into the gate, girl got launched off and the horses shoulder was gashed open.
Nope. What it does mean that a big lightning storm passed through the area Saturday night and found a great conductor. Have you noticed that ALL Angel Moroni statues on the tops of temples have a little lightning rod at the top of the head? That storm that passed through must have been a whopper to have blacken the stature as much as it did.

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