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How do you remove concrete splatter off a metal door?

Our concrete slab for the porch was poured after the house was built and concrete was splattered on a door. How do we go about removing it without damaging the paint? Sandy :O)


You will have to chip it off with a putty knife and will probably lose the paint. But the contractor was negligent and sloppy. Common practice is to tape up some plastic to guard against this. Tell him he needs to fix it before you pay him. You can take him to small claims court for damages.
If it was poured recently take a terry cloth towel and rub the concrete off. It will come off easily. Just check a small area to make sure the paint will not scratch, you shouldnt have a problem.
Muriatic acid will do the trick. You can get it at most pool supply or hardware stores. Just pour some in a pail and dip a sponge or paint brush in and wipe it on the splatters. You may have to scrub a little but it will take off the cement. Don't forget to use gloves and make sure the area is well ventilated. The fumes can damage your nasal passages and lungs.
Concrete Splatter Removal
You can try a diluted muratic solution 50/50 it has to be rinsed well,use gloves ,cover the floor with plastic,eye protection, adequate ventilation. Brush it on sparingly it should remove thin deposits instantly,rinse with water on a rag several times if a hose cant be used. Best way remove door and do it outside. Water based paint may come off its a hard problem.

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