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how does a brick building catch on fire?

PLEASE ANSWER I have a male :) friend waiting ow ow


as far as I know..smoke detectors are basically all battery powered and are secured to the ceiling/walls with plastic brackets that are screwed in. Just pop the cover and find the screws and take them out.
It is highly unlikely to do so. The path of the discharge is that of least resistance, and very special and unusual circumstances would have to exist for it to happen.
easily, i did no longer examine the finished long rant, yet, to respond to your question i think of it relies upon on the technologies and the type you employ it. Take the internet for occasion. you ought to use the internet to get closer previous acquaintances, stay in touch with kin and get significant advice out at as quickly as to many human beings. on the different hand human beings can use the internet in a foul way alongside with those people who scam human beings, unfold baby porn, etc. So in case you employ it for good, that's a blessing yet whilst that's used for undesirable that's a curse.
BOTH! a curse that separates us from humanity! when did we last speak with a human being on the phone or in a restaurant. when we actually met a person face to face to talk. the blessing comes in medical technology that has extended our lives and made some diseases like my asthma,near non existent. it has allowed some people to live relatively normal lives. technology is a double edged sword! its neither good nor evil, it's what's done with it

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