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How does a printing press work exactly when it come to comic books?

I mean most comic books these days are drawn on tabloid paper which is 11X17 paper and then it get shrunk down to its standard size which is 6 5/8 X 10 1/4 that is the size of the comic book when you find it at the store. Now does the printing press shrink the tabloid paper down to that size or does it get printed on the standard size and then get printed by the printing press? I ask this because my brother is doing his comic book on tabloid paper. Now need to know he happens to be coloring the whole thing digitally with Gimp does he print the finished page off on the same size tabloid paper. He is getting confused. The publishers he is going to send his comic book to says in the submission guidelines for the artist part that they need to see one complete issue 22 30 pages of sequential storytelling all penciled, Inked, and lettered. colored if possible, but he has no idea if they want the issue to be actually finished with the stapling and everything else.


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