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How does the limited cable behind the cable, what line to what line?

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There is no support for this accessories, the reasons for the error is as follows: 1. Just access the data line appears on the tips, this problem is generally poor contact, the solution: to see if the data line gold finger dirty, and then check the phone tail plug (Data cable jack) is dirty, washed with cotton alcohol. 2. When using the computer chassis front USB charging this prompt is generally caused by insufficient power supply, please insert behind the chassis, or for charger charging. 3. Charger is not original, the voltage is insufficient, try to replace the charger.
Electric wells within the fire bridge need to do flat iron connection, so more secure. Fire bridge mainly by the glass fiber reinforced materials and inorganic binder composite fire board and metal skeleton composite and other fire base material composition. The outer layer plus fire retardant coating, fire bridge after the fire will not burn, thus blocking the fire spread, with a very good fire fire effect, but also has a fire, oil, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, non-polluting, the overall installation is convenient, reasonable structure , Long life, and beautiful, cable installed in the cable tray, the environment clean and clean, easy to clean. Fire retardant coating has a thin, high fire resistance, strong adhesion characteristics. When the flat iron is connected, the length of the lap is more than twice the width of the flat steel, and at least three sides are welded, and two long sides are to be included. Screw connection with reference bus connection process requirements, the general requirements of four bolts.
The "plugging" of the steel waterproof casing is included in the "casing installation" work, so if the waterproof casing is embedded in the total package unit, the casing should be blocked by the total package unit. The total package unit should not be the corresponding closure of the visa costs, unless there is a special case: the steel plate directly block the need for casing, then you can visa.

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