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How high does the wardrobe fit

How high does the wardrobe fit?


Plate is 2.44, but after treatment of 2.2 of the more reasonable, beautiful and generous, ha ha, tailor-made, more reasonable, you can come to see us Heng
Oct 25, 2017
2.2 meters high, the thickness of sliding door if you do the best in the 65 cm, door 60 is enough, if the above top cabinet, below 12 cm and 244 cm above the platform cabinet more practical experience, below 210 cm above the cabinet, 46 or 48 cm top cabinet, avoid the whole 244 or 246 cm high the above cabinet is too small,
Oct 25, 2017
I specialize in this, two layers, 0.6 meters above the cabinet. 2.18 high cabinets, with interior door shut
Oct 25, 2017

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