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How much flash butt welding machine does the 32MM steel bar need?

What kind of reinforcement is needed for 32MM steel bars on Railway overpasses, what kind of welding machine is preferred for welding machines, what brand is selected and what type?. Please help users answer, thank you very much


Continuous flash welded barsMaximum diameter (mm)10~1212~1616~2020~25Preheat Flash Welded reinforcementMaximum diameter (mm)20~2232~36FortyType of welderUN1-50UN1-75UN1-100UN2-150 welding machine model determined the largest!!!The brand does not need to ask this question, the price is different, the brand is certainly different, the principle is same with the purchase electrical appliance!!
No flash steel butt welding machine, easy to operate, can be welded at the construction site.
1 、 using UN2-150 welder.2 、 flash butt welding is widely used for longitudinal connection of steel bars and welding of prestressed steel bars and screw end rods. The principle is the use of flash butt welding of reinforcing steel welding ends make contact through the high current low voltage, the steel is heated to a certain temperature to soften the axial pressure on the formation of forging, welding head. Flash butt welding of reinforcing steel, continuous flash welding, preheating flash welding and flash preheating flash welding. The fourth grade steel bar is sometimes treated with electric heating after welding.3, steel (Rebar) refers to reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete steel, its cross section is round, sometimes with rounded square. Including round steel bar, ribbed steel bar and twisted steel bar. Steel bars for concrete reinforcement is straight or strip steel plate reinforced concrete reinforcement steel, its shape is divided into round steel bar and deformed steel two, straight and coiled state for delivery two.

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