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How should I design my own food package?

For one of my classes, we are having a contest to see who can design the best food packageIt must hold 6 tortilla chips and keep the chips fresh and intact from a 6 foot fall and a 5 lb weight testOur materials are poster board, aluminum foil, wax paper, cellophane, hot glue, plastic wrap, tape, and scissorsHow should I do this?


You need to make a grid of poster board and in each one of the squares, place a tortilla chipThen build a triple layer box to hold the gridIt's going to look like a divided candy box where you lift the lid and see all the candy in their own little space The grid should stand up to the 5 weight and if each chip is in it's own space they should survive the fallYou could wrap each chip with plastic wrap to cushion them.

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