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how should i do my make up tomorrow for a bar-bat mitzvah?

tomorrow i am going to 2 bar-bat mitvahs.i need help on what type of make up to wear.im 13 yrs old just so you know and i hav light brown hair with blue-greyish eyes and a little tan.


did you bleed the brakes after you put the caliper on? you probably have air in the lines.
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you're able to desire to costume nicely (as in a ideal costume). you're able to provide money (multiples of 18), the quantity relies upon on how close you're with the pal. you're able to desire to be respectful, and in case you relatively don't have a clue, persist with what different, extra matured persons are doing. do not ignore to have exciting! Bat Mitzvah's are meant to be exciting! Smile and loosen up!
I have always had the same problem!! If I were you I would do something classy and pretty but not too over the top. I suggest a greyish eyeshadow mixed with a highlighting color. Then curl your lashes and apply mascara and some thin black eyeliner. Hope this helps!
Brown mascara and eyeliner would totally bring out ur eyes. A gold/copper shimmer eyeshadow or a lite pink eyeshadow would look good. Since ur tan wear a baby pink lipstick.With all this tuff u would look really pretty.

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