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how tall is a crushed aluminium can?

how tall is a crushed aluminium soda can compared to a non crushed one.i need measurements in centimeters please.ALSO!! AN IMAGE that actually has both of the two with the measurements would be SUPER HELPFUL


I recognize that there are places in this world where aluminum beverage cans are very exotic, very rare, and may even be quite expensive. I can also understand that, in such a special place, one may have never actually held one of these objects in your own hands. If you live in such a place, then I can understand why you need to seek assistance on Yahoo Answers. I am, personally, quite surprised that you would have internet access in such a place. For your answer... it depends on how you crush the can but it is quite possible to crush your standard aluminum beverage can to a thickness of fractions of a centimeter.
I don't understand why you can't just measure a can, then crush it and measure it again. And with the number of cellphones kids have today, every one can take a picture. Why do we need to do this for you?

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