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How to bake Tilapia Fish?

I'm gonna put all the stuff on it, wrap it in foil then put it in the oven, but i dont know at what temperature and for how longits the fillets, so can someone help me out? should the fish be thawed too?


from frozen wrap in tin foil (Aluminium foil if you live across the pond) before you seal the parcel sprinkle with salt (sea for preference) herbs of choice ~anise or fennel are nice with fish.i also grate an 1cube of root ginger(fresh not the powder) i use garlic and ? a small chili alsobut prepare to your taste seal then bake for 15 minutes on a low heat (gas3~4) open parcel check fish add a bit more liquid if it looks a bit dry (depending on thickness cooking can take between 15/45 minutes) put the heat (gas4~5) up and check after a further 10 minutes serve with vegetables of your choice enjoy

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