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how to build a recumbent bike seat?

HiI'd like tips on how to build a back on a normal bike seat.My only idea so far is to bend an aluminum tube into a V-shape and weld it to a tightening-ring-thing attached to the seat tube, so that it goes up or down along with the seat.I hope the description is clear.Looking foward to your ideas.Thanks


I've had good results from Actionbent and the Actionbent distributor that is in the Seattle areaI actually picked mine up personally and I really liked it! I still have one of their trikes and love it, but ride my upright (diamond frame) bikes more often, just for better visibility because I commute about 18 miles each way, but about 8 miles are on roads where I worry about visibility, the remainder on trailsAnyways, I think that Actionbent really offers a great product at a great price for an introductory product that is better than just an introductory performerNot to say that you won't later want something a little more expensive (well, probably a LOT more), but it's a cheap and easy way into the recumbent sport.

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