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How to check the frequency converter is there a problem?

5.5KW frequency converter with 4.5KW deep water pump, pressure regulator by conveying signal to frequency converter start normal, the pressure to reduce the frequency converter after the start, to about 30Hz in order to maintain the pressure about shocks, 30 seconds inverter over-current alarm. Can it be the fault of the frequency converter? How should I check it?


Excessive temperatureIn addition there are high temperature transducer fault, such as the occurrence of a high temperature alarm, after checking the temperature sensor is normal, may be caused by the disturbance, faults can be shielded, also should check the ventilation fan and inverter. For other types of failures, it is better to contact manufacturers for quick and feasible solutions.
Once the inverter has hardware faults, such as rectifier, inverter circuit and so on. The IGBT module may be damaged, and most of the time it will damage the drive components. The most easily damaged devices are the regulator and the optocoupler. Conversely, components such as capacitance, leakage, breakdown, and optocoupler aging can also cause IGBT modules to burn out or frequency conversion, and output voltage is unbalanced. Check if there is a problem with the drive circuit, and compare the resistance of the trigger terminals when the circuit is not switched on. The voltage waveform at the trigger end can be measured when the power is switched on. However, some inverters are not equipped with modules and can not switch on, when the module P end of the series into a false load, to prevent detection, mistakenly touch the originator or other circuit burned module. In this case, the frequency converter has been seriously damaged (by measuring whether the input and output are short circuited), then there should be special technical personnel maintenance, and generally may not re energized, so as not to expand the scope of failure.
UndervoltageThere is a problem with the power input circuit. It may be caused by serious overloading of the line or bad contact with the line. The letter "E" PMU display panel LCD screen SIEMENS 6SE70 series inverter, the inverter can not work, press the P button and to stop transmission are invalid, check the operation manual and the related introduction, in the external DC24V power supply, that is low voltage, solution, inverter working.
overloadOverload faults include frequency overload and motor overload. It may be caused by the acceleration time is too short, the network voltage is too low and the load is too heavy. Generally by extending the acceleration time, extending the braking time, check the power grid voltage. Overload, the selected motor and inverter can not drag the load, or it may be caused by poor mechanical lubrication. Such as the former, you must replace the high-power motor and inverter; if the latter is to overhaul the production machinery.

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