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How to clean and maintain the countertop

How to clean and maintain the countertop?


Attention should be paid to the use of cabinets:1, should avoid hot pot, hot water kettle directly with the cabinet contact, the best can be placed on the pot rack.2, the operation should try to avoid using sharp objects touch cabinet countertops, cabinets door panels, in order to avoid scratches. No matter what should be accounted for in the cabinet table board keep the food, in addition to the cabinet table can avoid leaving marks, clean cabinet can do better.3, the general material of the cabinet table top, there are bubbles and gaps, if colored liquid seepage cabinet panel will cause pollution or discoloration, therefore, should avoid fuel or dye directly placed on the cabinet table.4, chemicals on the cabinet erosion, which is not allowed for many cabinet materials. For example, stainless steel cabinets, countertops stained with salt may be rusty, so should also pay attention to avoid the soy sauce bottles and other items placed directly on the cabinet table.5, man-made board ambry should avoid seeper, stay in ambry mesa for a long time.
Oct 25, 2017
There are man-made stone, fireproof board, stainless steel, natural stone, log and other materials, different cabinet materials, different cabinet cleaning methods:1, artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets do not use hard 100 clean cloth, steel ball, chemical cleaning or steel brush to wash, with a soft towel, soft scouring cloth wiping with brightener cabinet or cupboard, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion of cabinet cabinet.2, fireproof board material cabinet can use household cleaning agent, with nylon brush or nylon ball cleaning cabinet, and then use hot and humid cloth towel cleaning, and finally use dry cloth to wipe cabinet.3, natural stone cabinets table should use soft hundred clean cloth, can not use toluene cleaning agent, otherwise it is difficult to clear the flower white spot. When cleaning cabinets scale, can not use acid strong toilet powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glazed cabinet, so that the cabinet lost luster.4, if the cabinet is log material, should first use billiards to clear the cabinet dust, and then dry cloth or stained log maintenance special lotion to wipe cabinets, don't use wet cloth and oil cleaner cleaning cabinet.5, washing basin or gas stove and so on mesa, should avoid knock or knock ambry, two ambry table board is connected place, should avoid the long immersion of water.
Oct 25, 2017

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