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How to collect the relay action time

With the following instrument to do the relay action test, the experimental results out of a "action time = 0.112ms", I would like to ask the Secretary to collect action time principle is what kind of?


1. Low-voltage electrical appliances on the relay, circuit breakers, contactor action response time, advanced level <20ms; 2. If the action response time> 20ms, or too slow, in a number of relay sequence switching will appear in the logical order of chaos; 3. In particular, common with the same dynamic contact of the normally closed, normally open, respectively, disconnect a circuit, connected to another circuit, often a circuit has not had time to completely disconnect another circuit has been closed; 4. If the above two circuits are closed at the same time, the circuit will be a serious short circuit accident, it will provoke big trouble! 5. When this happens, be sure to pay attention to the relay, contactors, circuit breakers between the order chain; 6. The relay, contactor, circuit breaker between the order chain, can be effectively discharged due to slow response time relay caused by the accident.
May 9, 2017
Relay protection calibrator to do the test, the amount of fault output time to start the time, relay protection device action time to stop the time, the time is the action time. In practice, the standby action contact of the relay protection device can be connected to the checker with two test lines, and this setting is set as a protection action.
May 9, 2017
Specifically, use a storage recorder (Japan Japan 8860-50, etc.) and two voltage probes. One probe is connected to the input of the relay and the other is connected to the output. This recorder can see the action time to compare two signals.
May 9, 2017

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