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how to completely drain water from a pipe?

Hi- have a water pipe that leaked into our cellar - the pipe is cut (to replace the bad section) we have the water shut off at the house - and a pressure valve released - there is STILL water dribbling out of the pipe - is there any quicker way to completely empty the pipes?


P.D current *resistance. Since the two metals are in series current through both is the same . R of steel rod ρ L /A 2e-7* 2.5/ (π 0.0075?) P.D across steel 1.48e4*2e-7* 2.5/ (π 0.0075?) 41.9 V P.D across copper wire 1.48e4*1.72e-8*39/(π 0.004?) 197.5 V energy deposited in the rod VIt 41.9* 1.48e4*66e-6 40.9 J energy deposited in the wire 197.5*1.48e4*66e-6 192.9I
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