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How to cook a simple turkey breast?

We are having a small (late) Thanksgiving tomorrow.I have a 4 pound turkey breastCan I just lather it in butter? Do I wrap it in aluminum foil? I don't have many herbsI just want simple.I have a roasting pan.What do I do?


Age: 17 Gender: F I recycle paper/cardboard, plastic bottles, pop cans In my city it's collected every week (same with garbage) and I think it's adequate There should absolutely be more recycling bins, such as in parks and cafeterias (my high school only has trash cans; it ticks me off) If there were more bins, people wouldn't need to walk farther to use themI don't quite understand your question? Sure, more public campaigns, but more importantly just more (visible) recycle bins that are convenient to get to.
15 girl relly none increasd YES MAYBE HELL YA PROBABLY Y DID U ASK THIS?
Why are you asking? The instructions are on the package If you can not read it than cook it like turkey and you can go by a recipe for cooking a turkey or turkey breast as well.
Age: 14 Gender: Female I recycle everything that can be recycleI'm on the school's environmental club and often direct people on to what to recycle and even go through the trash cans sometimes with glovesFor me, I believe it should be increased cause I always run out of space in my bins! I would definitely make the effort to walk the extra distance/recycleBut I don't believe that's the problemI've been to places where they have made the effort to put recycling bins up but people don't pay attention to the signs and arrows, they just throw their trash anywayEvidently, the bins themselves aren't the problemIt's educating people to learn how to recycle, the impacts of recycling, etcand yes generally I would support any public campaigns to promote recycling!
Age: 20 Gender: F What I recycle: plastic bottles, paper/cardboard Recycling collection should be: increased where I am living, but I think this would depend on the communityI'm living on a college campus right now, and we have recycling bins; however, the bins fill up before it's collectedI'm afraid that this leads other students to just throw out things that they normally would put in the recycling binsI do think there should be more bins in public spacesHowever, I've seen some places that have recycling bins, and people just treat them as regular garbage cans (often throwing unfinished food into them)If there was a way to regulate what gets tossed into public recycling bins (only recyclables, keeping out things like food), then I think that would be the best solutionIf there were more bins, I would walk further to use them in nice weatherWhen the weather's not too nice for walking in (winter, for example), I'd probably be unwilling to walk much further to get to a recycling binYes, I think there should be more public campaigns to promote recycling.

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