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How to design the extrusion die for aluminum extrusion? Ten

I am a mold professional, in school are mainly plastic mold and stamping die, but I am now in an aluminum extrusion die master apprentice. Draw pictures every day and walk around the workshop. But I have never met any related knowledge before, and I don't know where to start. I don't know what to do. Sometimes even want to give up, but not reconciled. I hope you can give me some advice. Thank you very much!!!


From the process should start with its principle should be the same as extruded acrylic, before I was doing the plastic mold design, aluminum is also don't know is how to do it, then to the friend's factory seen their company production of acrylic rods, know is squeezed out. Aluminum extrusion type is, should the principle is the same, I have no contact with the mold design of aluminum, the questions you can answer you here, sorry oh!
1, to let them die factory processing, mold design they figure, their wages are high, so I want to learn, do not know where to start, buy a book, the mold design of aluminum extrusion, want to learn to know the properties of extrusion machine, structure;2, according to the experience, to a step by step to produce aluminum profile extrusion die to meet the size requirements, first of all to ensure the uniformity of metal flow and extrusion out of the heart often Youao phenomenon, cause the surface subsidence, the flatness is not standard, through a lot of practice conclusion.
With the stamping die almost the same, hard to learn ah!

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