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How to embed river stones in already dry cement?

We have very ugly cement floor for our outside space and want to change it up! We do not want to pour a whole new set of concrete however and we were wondering if we could use something to stick on top of our old concrete! :) We've heard mortar works...but we need direction plz help!!!!


You would have to repour all of it and remove it, unless you don't mind placing the rocks on top and making the floor higher
I really think you'll have to start all over again. Put river rock down and pour cement over rock and clean rocks quickly before cement drys. Have you thought about large tiles?
Frame it and then apply about 1 cement. You could even color the cement first. Embed the river stones so that you don't have to step into the concrete..parts at a time if it is a large space. In cold areas, use Don't expect this to last more than 5 years,

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