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How to fix plastic grid inside window?

In my bedroom I have an arc-shaped window over the regular window. There are plastic grids between the panes of glass for decoration. One of them fell to it's side. Is there a way to fix this without replacing the window? Thanks!


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Plastic Window Grids
If it is inside of a thermo pane window, then you must replace the sash. The sash is the piece of glass, with a frame around it. You don't need to replace the whole window. Usually false frame grids are accessible on the inside of the window. From what you mention, it sounds like you have an extra pane of glass on the inside. Are you able to open the window? If so you should be able to access the grid and replace it into the slots that receive the grid on ther sash. If you can't open the window, it is illegal in a bedroom. You must be able to escape out a window and door in each bedroom, in case of fire.

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