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how to get rid of food additives?

is it possible to get rid of food additives/preservatives by boiling food at high temperatures? I know this works for bacteria but not so sure about the former.


No. Most additives are not something you can just remove. If they scare you that much, switch to foods without them. Additives are not necessarily bad either. Vitamins and binders are examples.
Nope. You need to start with fresh or frozen (most don't have anything added). It's better for you too. When in doubt.read the labels!
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I wouldn't consider boiling bread or cake or cheetos. many Pastas have additives, and you can boil it for days to try and remove them, but I don't suggest it. In short, you cannot boil a food to get rid of additives. Your best bet is to change your diet. And as someone said previously read the label. Good luck.

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