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How to get rid of the scent of a new sofa?

I've just bought a second-hand sofa. It's really comfortable and for a good price (there's a tiny thing I can easily fix, that's why it was cheaper) and the smell isn't a bad smell at any account. I just have a very sensitive nose and all but the most subtle smells give me a headache. The previous owners must have been using some home-perfume or scented candles, I think I recognize the smell from some of my friend's flats. The most natural solution - neutralize it with a different smell - isn't a solution here because I'd be bothered by the second scent. That goes also for strong chemicals. How do I get rid of the scent without replacing it with another smell?


Next time you're leaving your house for a few hours , shoot it with some febreeze, find one scent that's tollerable to you, it should get rid of the strong perfumey odor doesn't leave much scent of its own quickly fades when dry. Or maybe find an unscented odor neutralizer ? I ve had friends almost kill me just from their laundry soap smell or an air freshner in their house , that leaves a scent on their clothes. So I know exactly what you mean .you may have to spray it a few times, or have your couch professionally cleaned, or you could rent a steamer do it yourself.
I would sprinkle baking soda on you couch for a few hours and then vacuum it up in the morning or maybe next day. Baking soda should take smell out without depositing any new scents. But, you may have to sprinkle it a few times or leave it sit over night. Baking soda has always worked for me and scent problems.
1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of white vinegar mixed in some warm water should help. Mix the three together in a spray bottle and spray on the sofa. It should neutralize the smells without leaving any additional odors behind.
Get (rent) a furniture and carpet shampooer, don't use any soap in it because you will never get the soap out just put straight vinegar in it and steam clean the sofa. The vinegar scent will only last a couple of days till it drys completely, this will get rid of any residue from those cover-up room and furniture sprays like febreeze you are smelling, it will also get rid of allot of dirt your not seeing, you will be surprised how clean and fresh it is afterward

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