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How to improvise a heat sink for a TO 39 transistor?

TO 39 is those small transistor that look like metal can, there isn't any where I can get the proper heat sinkCan I use a thick layer of aluminum foil?


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Parchment paper works wonders!
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There are clip on heat sinks for that packageRemember that the can is connected electrically to the collector and may have voltage on it The reference has some, there are lots moreJust search for TO39 heat sink You need to start with a power dissipation in watts and from there calculates the heat sink you need in ?C/watt Thermal resistances add upIf your total power dissipated is 2 watts, for example, and the max junction temperature of the transistor is 200?C and the max ambient is 40?C, then the total thermal resistance has to be less than 160?C/2w or 80?C/wattThat means the sum of the thermal resistances have to add up to less than 80?C/wattThat includes that of the transistor, junction to case, that of thermal grease between the transistor and the heat sink (1?C/w) and that of the heat sin to air, which the manufacturer specifies Continuing the example, typical TO39 package parts are 60?C/w so the heat sink has to have a thermal resistance of less than 80–1–60 or 19?C/W .

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