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How to make a capacitator ???

Hey guys thx for helping in advance iam new to this field and am trying to make a radio transmitter with a sine curve For that i need to make my own capacitator and inductor Iam well aware of how to make them but simply am unable to I tried making a capacitator with aluminium foil and paper with 0 result it didnt store even a little Then i used a bottled water bottle and filled it with salt water and wrapped it with aluminuim foil The result : zero capacitance Then i tried to use a glass container wrapped inside and out with aluminium foril with again failed results I used a 9 v battery with copper wires and made sure the circuit was fine (when i connected the two conductive aluminium plates the circuit worked ) ANy help or suggestions would greatly be appretiated Thank You guys


OK, I've made the capacitorAlternate foil/cardboard/foil/cardboard/etcYou are making multiple sandwiches of cardboard bread and aluminum meat and cheeseStick a narrow wire over each ALTERNATING foil and under the overlying cardboar; so half the wires are coming out one side and the other half are coming out from the other Splice the small wires from one side together to serve as one side of the circuitSplice the small lead wires from the other side to be the other side of the circuitThe more layers you lay on top of each other, the more capacitance your capacitor will haveAnd watch outI found out the hard way that this workszap[See source.]
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