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How to overcome these electrical equipments failure ?

capacitor failure inductor failure thyrisitor failure i wonder if there is any solutions for these problems !!thank you in advance .


Check the voltage and temperature ratings on the cap. Use a higher voltage and higher temperature unit if needed. Voltage rating should be 50% higher than system voltage for best reliability. Look into using alternative designs that eliminate the cap. Inductor, check current and current rating, also temperature. Thyristor, power rating is all important, but voltage and other specs are also important. Check that all of these have sufficient margin. Mechanics are also important, eg, a firm attachment to the heat sink, one that vibration will not change.
Replace the parts, possibly with parts that have a higher voltage or current rating.
[1] Replace the capacitor with double voltage rating and low leakage. [2] Same inductance but made with thicker wire. [3] Replace it with higher power and voltage rating with same or faster switching rate.Add heat sink to it.
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such failure high rates can be ovecome by an appropriate design choice .adequate de-rating must be considered.together with appropriate installation design which minimize hot spots and vibrations.

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