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How to repair damaged hair protective film?

Shampoo a lot of times, sometimes without hot water wash with cold waterThat often wash your hair, it is easy to remove the protective film, then how can you fix it?


Monday: avoid hair products that hurt hairYou might use some hair spray and styling spray to manage some of your loose hair. However, these chemicals, such as alcohol, will keep your hair from becoming more oily for longer periods of time than touching your hair with the air. If you want to use, should be used in hair from the hair root.
Hair seriously damaged, damaged hair quality, how can you restore the charm? How long does it take? Half a year? Three months? In fact, as long as the method is appropriate, a week can be re damaged hair, healthy and glossy.
Tuesday: find the right shampoo for youDo you need to wash your hair every day? Of course not. But if you use plastic styling products during the day, you must wash them thoroughly at night. May choose the kind with shampoo and hair care products repair hair scale, which makes the moisturizing ingredients help to soothe UV damage caused by warped show hair scales, while cleaning the hair with a layer of reflection protective film, the ability to give the hair effectively resist ultraviolet damage.
Thursday: Tea Tree Oil soothes the scalpDo you know? Qualitative change is bad, also can be because scalp bacterium is in mischief. Vinda, an American hair specialist, suggests an optional scalp oil (such as natural tea tree oil) with an antiseptic effect to improve damaged hair and scalp to promote scalp circulation and sterilize at the same time. The scalp oil can carry, even if the time at work can be conveniently applied to the scalp, using simple massage to relieve the pressure on the head, and through oil bactericidal purifying function, but also can keep the aroma oil respiratory clearance.

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