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How to see the new water meter

How to see the new water meter


There are several meter modules, see water tonnage m at the front is digital fand. Read the main points: when reading water meters, from the high pointer to low order read, that is, from the 1000 pointer shows the value of the standard plate clockwise from the bottom to read. Special note: if the thousands, hundreds, and ten bit positions are between two digits, be aware that the two adjacent pointers are associated with them. As shown in Figure 2, the ten bit pointer of * 10 is between 8 and 9, very close to 9, whether it should read 8 or read 9, depending on whether the 1 bit disk pointer is 0. We see that the bit pointer is between 0 and 9, that is, it has not been carried, so the ten pointer should read 8 instead of 9. If a bit pointer also points to the two numbers, see if the pointer next to the red x 0.1 standard disk is "5", and take the 4 "5" approach to determine whether the bit pointer is carried.
This is a rotor type cold water 20E type water meter, and the current water consumption is 32 tons! The three red pointers and the red number can be ignored. Just look at the black numbers! The present quantity of this watch is 32 tons! Accurate reading is 32.6704 tons! But the meter reading only reads black characters!
An instrument for measuring water flow. The cumulative flow of water is mostly measured. Generally divided into the volume of water meters and speed water meter two categories. The accuracy of the former is higher than that of the latter, but it requires high water quality and is easily blocked when the water contains impurities. An instrument for recording the amount of water used in running water is mounted on a water pipe, and when the user leaves the water, the pointer or wheel turns on the table to indicate the amount of water passed.

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