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How would you take over the world?

I know it's impossible but I'm just asking it for fun, I wanna know what people think


make the zombie apocolypse come true. the world will be my video game.
Invest in McDonald's or Wal-Mart. They're all over the place.
With a giant freakin laser beam.
Read you can change the world or Three minutes a day by Helen Keller. Soon the world will be in your hands.
STEP 1: Build missile silos and robotics factories on the moon. STEP 2:Threaten to launch missiles at the Earth unless if the major armies surrender. Then send in robotic army to mop up and take control for me. STEP 2 alternative: If armies refuse to surrender, missiles will be launched at military camps and other tactial spots such as power stations. Robotic army would then be sent in to mop up the remaining military with ease and take control for me.

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