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I am getting a valve job...?

I had some great answers to my question yesterday... I have decided to have the valve job done... Since I have decide to go this route... I need some reassurance, the few people I have suggessed this option to have now told me that typically after a valve job other problems will start showing up. They have said that the car isn't worth putting money into and to get ride of it.


well, is the car in good shape otherwise, like the tranny, suspension and the body?, if it is, then its probably wort a valve job, its cheaper then another motor.
The valve job may not solve the engine problems /condition.Consult your service centre and ensure you take their advice!
Getting a vlave job done isnt going to hurt your car at all, nor your motor. Make sure you have a reputable machine shop do this (most garages dont have the tools for it). If a 3 angle valve job is done correctly and new valve stem seals, retainers, and spring are all carefully installed to manufacturer spec then there should be no problem at all. Many shops will do a sloppy job grinding the valve face (which is a hard thing to get the knack for) and will install to valves without another thought. When new valves or old valves with resurfaced faces are installed the spring rate of the valve springs needs to be checked to ensure are srpings are the same strength. Also once installed, the height of each installed valve/spring needs to be checked to make sure its in the specified allowance. If valve seats and surfaces are all done correctly along with a profesional installation I wouldn't worry!

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