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I dont know how to do this... Plz help!!?

The top of this grain silo is half of a sphere. If you wanted to paint the sides and the roof, how much surface would you have to cover. Measurements are in ft round to the nearest 1ft^2 _Radius of 8 / #92; I I I I I I height of 43 I I I IPlz I really need help on this question... Im begging someone to help me Out Please!!!


The surface area of a shpere is 4pir^2, where r is the radius. Since you are only using 1/2 sphere the surface area would be 2(pi) r^2 for the cylinder part of the silo the surface are would be area of the base ( B ) times the height. so the total surface are would be 8^2(pi) ( 43 ) + 2 (8^2) ( pi) = SA 9048 ft^2 to the nearest whole sq ft.
hi ya i think first you need to find out the diameter of the silo, which would be 16, then find out the circumference, can't remember how to do that though. then half the circumference because its half a sphere and multiply the answer by the height. this is just a guess. sorry x
do you have an equation for a sphere?

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