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I need help in this question about volume and density!?

Water passes the end of a fire hose. This water passes along the hose of diameter 2.5 cm and out through the nozzle of end diameter 1 cm at a rate of 2kg/s. The density of water is 1 * 10? kgm^-3.a) What is the volume of 2kg of water ?b) If 2kg of water has to pass out of the nozzle in 1 second , how fast is it moving at the nozzle end ?c) Find the speed of the water as it passes down the main hose pipe.d) Calculate the change in momentum of 2kg of water as it goes through the nozzle.e) Find the force which has to be exerted on the hose to hold it still, and justify your answer by quoting two laws. State one of the laws.Can someone help me please? will give best answer !


The only way to get hit by lightning is being under a tree in the middle of the ocean or on top of a mountain so your area safe
You should try under armour coldgear. They work great, no bells and whistles. But there is some tech stuff behind it like certain material to keep you warm. But other than that, they work great and they're really comfortable. I have a pair that I used when I'm running or xc skiing.
I couldn't imagine paying extra for something like that. A stroller isn't like a crib, there is no reason your child would be in the stroller for hours on end without being tended to. Even if you are shopping at the mall for extended periods of time you would still stop every once in awhile to feed your kid and stuff. Seems like an extra feature with no real purpose.
When there is thunder and lightening it is good to stay away from showers or even baths, or basins, telephones and electrical goods. I know how dangerous thunderstorms can be I am from South Africa where in the highveld there are extremely violent storms. You are probably safe in a car as it has rubber tyres. Don't play sport when there is a thunderstorm and do not swim. You were probably experiencing static electricity but you were wise to switch of off. Also say away from windows which may break and hurt you.

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