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i need to know if anyone can help me with a solar cooker lab?

so, for class my partner and i have to make a solar cooker and we can choose what we want to makeand we want to make smoresand i have seen in a couple of websites that it could take anywhere from 1-2 hours or earlier if the day is hoti need some ideas on how we can speed up the cooking process on the smoresand some ideas on how to construct the solar cooker.


go over to their house and ask them
i want to say that they are using those to draw sunlight and heat to the tree to help get the sap moving
perhaps some of these reasonsProtection from sunscald was the top reason to use protective materials; the next most frequent reason was protection from equipment and animal damageOther reasons for using materials were protection against frost damage and vandalism another possible is to keep birds , like sapsuckers off the treethey can also do real damage.
The movement and heat coming from them are supposed to keep birds from eating the fruitObviously left over from last summerSome people do this with old CD's.
Solar cookers take time - there's no help for that(But good job in picking smores: They'll take less time to cook than just about anything else.) The web sites provide good instructions: Properly folded cardboard, covered in aluminum foil, the whole thing in a sealed plastic bagHave fun, and don't worry about the cooking time.

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